If you need to find out how your customer base feels about a specific topic with quantifiable results, surveys are the best method to achieve your goals. Surveys can have respondents choose between preferences, rate their agreement to statements, and much more.

While they are not the best tool to discover new pieces of information, you can include short open ended questions to catch anything that may need to be followed up on.

Contact a market research expert to discuss which survey method is best to achieve your informational objectives.

Phone Surveys

Surveying customers over the phone is a great way to get quantifiable results from a lot of respondents quickly. Our researchers are trained to get passed gatekeepers and reach the people we need to speak with. We validate every participant using a pre-defined screeners to make sure we are speaking to the right demographic.

Our researchers take a customer satisfaction oriented approach to ensure that respondents are happy to participate and feel appreciated, while avoiding confirmation bias and other errors.

We follow strict research standards when conducting over the phone surveys.

Girl Completing Market Research Survey

Online Surveys

While phone surveys can provide more rich responses, online surveys are able to get more responses with lower operating cost. We program our surveys to check for contradicting responses and can obfuscate the intent of the survey if needed. We pay close attention to the wording of questions, format, and order. We prevent issues with clarity and leading responses. We have a low drop out rate due to the careful attention paid to each survey during the design and provide a clear codebook that is approved in advance. Every survey is tested with both manual and automatic testing. We verify every piece of logic is programmed correctly before we go live. We can brand the survey for your customers or keep it anonymous depending on your needs. Online surveys are advertised carefully to attract the right types of respondents. We monitor responses to ensure quotas are met and adjust strategy as needed.

If you need quantifiable results and have a limited budget, online surveys may be the right solution to achieve for your informational objectives.

Intercept or In-Person Surveying

The Market Research Industry started door-to-door and face-to-face, and our research Account Executives have been designing and conducting face-to-face research more than 100 years combined. You won’t find the industry status quo here: We strive to be highly experienced innovators who have taken intercept research to the next level of professionalism, accuracy, productivity, and integrity.

Very often, Intercept Research (or Face to Face Research or In Person research) is our preferred solution to gathering the most accurate data. We know how to design in-person research to make it a very positive customer experience that produces highly productive research results. Utilizing Qualtrics® software on iPad, our highly professional, all-female interviewing staff is constantly in-demand by some of the largest research clients in the world – and we’re happy to provide plenty of references.

Contact us to learn how we are totally different than any other in-person research company in the world.

Our moderators have experience in a broad range of topics as well as different interview styles and research designs, whether it be in a one-on-one, focus group or usability setting. Good moderators know how to keep the conversation flowing naturally and on topic, while great moderators know when to explore new data that may present itself during the discussion. Be sure you have the best for your moderating needs:  Call us today.

Paid Surveys

Time is money, to everyone. We encourage both private and public audiences to participate in research, and some research efforts commonly utilize a monetary or credited incentive to participants. Incentives can improve respondent cooperation, increase engagement ratios, and leave consumers feeling like their time and feedback is truly appreciated.

James Industry Research Group has strict, integrity based standards regarding payment practices, including validation procedures, frequency limits on participation and other measures designed to improve research quality and information integrity. Offering payment options from cash to check, Visa® or Amazon® gift cards or product incentives, we offer our research clients many appropriate options while offering our research participants a nice thank-you for their participation.