Research Design

We design research to meet our customer’s informational objectives and business goals. We tailor them to our customer’s industry. We offer qualitative research, quantitative research, and mix-mode research solutions. Research design includes methods recommendations, sample framing, and consultation services.

Do you need to test a new product concept?

Do you to identify pain points or added value of a new product?

Do you need to gauge your brand awareness?

We will design your study using the right methods and sample to answer your informational objectives.

Qualitative Research Design

Qualitative research is both an art and a science. It’s about exploration and discovery, but doing so in a way that is systematic, unbiased, and precise. Solid qualitative research design requires capable researchers, rigorous data collection methods, and a meticulous eye for detail during analysis. With almost combined 60 years of experience conducting focus group, in-depth interviews, and other qualitative research – not to mention a long list of satisfied clients – our team has what it takes to collect the customer data and opinions you need to inform critical business decisions.

Don’t go it alone. Let us work with you to design a research project that will take your business to the next level.

Quantitative Research Design

The key to good quantitative research design is asking the right questions to the right group of people. We have tons of experience designing phone, online and in-person surveys, and equally importantly we know who to sample and where to find them. Our expert team of researchers understand the principles behind generating clear, unbiased, and meaningful numerical data that will inform decisions about your product or company. Whether it’s pie-charts and bar-graphs or complex multivariate analysis, let our quantitative research professionals help you discover your data-driven competitive edge.

Mixed Mode Research

Think of Hybrid research like Batman and Superman. Qualitative and quantitative research each have their strengths as standalone methods, but there is greater power in combining the two. Qualitative research is perfect for idea generation or a deeper dive into a topic, but due to cost is often based on smaller samples. Quantitative research is great for a snapshot of a large sample of people, but lacks the ability of deeper dive into topics as they arise. By combining both approaches in one hybrid study, we can use our experience and super powers in both realms to create a comprehensive research product that has both statistical confidence and incredible insight.

Imagine including a quantitative survey in the recruitment process for your qualitative research. While you’re on your way to having a focus group, that survey has built up a statistically reliable data set of information based on every person who has been screened for the focus group. The same can be done in reverse, where we design a survey for your entire customer base, with the collected data used to select participants from specific segments for follow-up qualitative research.

By combining the best of both research worlds, we harness the real power of opinion research. Contact our team today to learn if one or both approaches would benefit your research needs.

Sampling & Sample Frame

Proper sampling techniques are fundamental and critical to properly designed opinion and market research – and the importance of accurate sampling is often underscored by lesser research firms. Findings are more accurate and data more insightful when we can reliably attribute findings to a particular population or group, and this is exactly what a good sample frame allows us to do. During product testing, it can be important to identify segments within your customer base, as each one may have different needs and wants. Marketing to customer segments can make your company’s message more efficient and effective, increasing your profits. Customer relationship management can be improved by better understanding each of your segments and what drives their needs as your customer.