Focus Groups

Our research experts are trained and certified in leveraging focus groups to meet business objectives. Focus groups are an excellent tool for consumer insights, concept testing, product testing, and electronic game testing.

JIR Group will work closely with your team to identify your target market segments, establish quotas, and recruit validated participants for your research study.

Moderating services can be conducted at research facilities, convention centers, or even your show room. We have locations in Las Vegas and Portland, but have conducted focus groups all across the country.

“Bright colors, animated. I was attracted to it at first. But there is too much going on…”

“I didn’t understand why the pop-up wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t figure out immediately. It took too long and was frustrating.”

Focus Group Recruitment

We recruit only the most qualified participants. Our participants are always vetted by phone to ensure that they close meet the defined market segment(s) established in your quotas. Have an in house moderator already? Need recruitment services only? Our firm will recruit to your specifications, host the focus group, and ensure all participants arrive on time and prepared to provide insights, even if you have in house research analysts.


With several RIVA and Burke Institute formally-trained and highly experienced moderators, James Industry Research Group is prepared for any type of group moderating, on any topic. From casino and gaming to political, from civic issues to advertising concepts, from celebrity panels to town hall meetings, our moderators are adept at extracting the right information from others scientifically.

Moderating a focus group starts with a bulletproof discussion guide designed to touch on all the objective information points, which the moderator uses to explore topics conversationally. As information from the group is revealed, an experienced moderator achieves the research objectives through exploration of the group’s ideas in order to form consensus of findings between all the groups.

Group Observation & Note-Taking

Our focus group services include third party non-participant observation. This allows another researcher to have a more objective view of the group discussion. The observer will take notes on the entire discussion noting important themes and take-aways. Those notes are then reviewed in a debrief with the moderator to identify and define the actionable insights that your business needs to develop business strategy, product features, advertising campaigns, and effectively capture your market.