Data Analysis (Statistical Analysis)

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Quantitative Analysis (Statistical Analysis)

The cliché is often repeated: “The numbers speak for themselves”. In reality, data is something produced through structured design and analysts are the ones who interpret and speak on its behalf.

Before we can draw any hard conclusions from a data set we need to ask some key contextual questions: What population does it represent? What was the sampling frame? By what method was it collected? What are the analytical objectives?

Only then can we make sense of the apparent patterns and correlations we observe within our variables. Data, when analyzed scientifically, accurately, and without bias, can help us correct errors in our thinking and make reliable predictions about the future. When data are misused, it can send businesses off on the wrong course.

Social and market research is characterized by rigorous data collection methods and exacting analysis techniques. We’ve got more than 100 years of data analysis experience on our team, and your company should put our very experienced analysts to work for you. Don’t leave it to chance, and certainly don’t risk your money on clichés. Contact us today!

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative data such as customer comments, service ticket notes, open ended responses, and any other textual information can be analyzed qualitatively. We can code and sort your data to reveal important themes that recur to give you a deeper understanding. While qualitative data can be turned into quantitative results, we should also consider the subjective nature when interpretating results.

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Make Sense of Your Data

Your business has valuable data already that can be used to get insights into your companies products and customers. Data from customer relationship management systems, ticketing systems, and other databases can be analyzed using quantitative or qualitative methods.

Know what your clients concerns and use that to information to adjust your product strategy, identify at risk contracts, and improve your customer experience.