To serve clients who value integrity and innovation first, and to
approach every employee, client, and vendor with the same
philosophy of objectivity, honesty, and professionalism.

Our culture promotes growth and change. What you receive here you’ll carry with
you for the rest of your career. Be a part of an integrity-driven team
working to improve our clients’ businesses one research project at a time.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be?

  • Your schedule can be as flexible as you need, allowing you to travel, go back to school, or spend more time with family.
  • We offer an excellent benefits package for full time employees.
  • Take advantage of our Carte Blanche Time Off policy to make that surprise birthday party!
  • Our company house in Las Vegas is free to use for all employees traveling from out of town.
  • Our team has each other’s backs so that together we can accomplish these goals:

We are in the unique position to foster communication between companies and their current customers, potential customers, and the community at large. We give voice to those who have something to say about a product they use or a business they frequent. We give clarity and direction to our clients and the industry by reporting without bias.

Our Community

  • Opportunity for career advancement at every level.
  • A place where you will never be bored- our research takes us across many areas of the casino and gaming industries and each day could be filled with a variety of tasks.
  • We live and breathe integrity. It shows on every level of the company- our people, our clients, our research products. Doing the right thing is what we are all about.
  • A diverse workplace that encourages growth and learning.
  • Outstanding employees have the opportunity to earn scholarships to foster career growth.
  • People are important. We take care of and look out for each other. It’s always our top priority.

Our Industry

  • Is growing at a record pace. The marketing research field has one of the best occupational outlooks of all careers.
  • Technology is evolving every day; you can be doing a survey on the phone, by email, on an iPad, on a tablet, and even from social media- all in one day. We also talk to real people every day, because sometimes talking to someone face-to-face yields the best data and most reliable outcomes.
  • While some people may not practice sound research, our methodology is above reproach. We go to great lengths to provide our clients with their customer’s voices, not our own.
  • Casino and gaming is our primary industry, which is full of opportunities on so many levels. With our clientele being casinos, manufacturers, and associations growing all over the country, we have one of the best fields for growth and development. Marketing research is becoming more and more important in order to provide the best products and services to customers in casino and gaming, and that’s where we come in.

Whether you want to be in Portland or Las Vegas, we have
opportunities at all levels of the research process. If you
are always willing to do the right thing and you want
a career, not just a job, we are the company for you. Come join our family!