James Industry Research Group (JIR Group) delivers unbiased, straight forward, and actionable results. Our market research and analytics solutions are designed with our clients’ objectives in mind, so you can make more informed decisions. JIR Group provides clear actionable insights, which provide a better understanding of your customers, market, and competition.

We have more than 20 years experience in casino and gaming research, public utility customer research, and political opinions research. JIR Group is able to conduct market research services in Las Vegas, Portland, and auxiliary locations around the U.S.  We provide electronic game testing, concept testing, brand identity and awareness, market segmentation, customer experience research, competitive intelligence, and much more.


JIR Group provides real world insights by conducting quantitative, qualitative, and mixed mode research. Our market research services are custom tailored to include sample framing, focus group recruitment, moderating, surveying, and data analysis based on our clients’ needs. From politics to casinos and everything in between, our principles have been providing public opinion research design, analysis and insights for more than 20 years.

Each research study should start by identifying the company’s objectives, outlining the correct sample, and determining the best methods for the job. Focus groups are great for learning your customers perspective and identifying product market fit, but when you need quantifiable data often we recommend surveying. We work with you to find the write research tool for the job. Learn more about our information services.


At James Industry Research Group we are committed to delivering high-integrity, high quality, customer friendly, and innovative market research services.

JIR Group sees an obligation to provide only the very best that the research industry has to offer, which is extremely important as data becomes more and more important in business strategy. Our partners are at the top of their field and our staff is trained to avoid errors and ensure data integrity. Your organization can trust us to deliver reliable and trustworthy results, because we understand that the success of your business hinges on decisions made with your data. This was the principal that led to the creation of our firm and guides every research study we conduct.

We encourage a learning environment to foster and promote research activities with our employees, clients, and participants because when all stakeholders understand the rationale and parameters we can achieve richer, more objective results.

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Access to Niche Markets

Focus Group Recruitment

Customers in niche market segments can be difficult to recruit for research. Our expert research have been trained to reach gamblers, counter culture groups, and other populations skeptical of participating in research.

We recruit via phone, email, and mail but validate every participant individually via phone to qualify them for your research sample.

Casino and Gaming Research

Convention and Trade-Show Research

Convention and Tradeshow Research